Transformation & Fun

Joy Works wants to be in community with you. You’re invited to participate in life art, the development of culture, the awakening of joy everywhere.

Our Organization

Joy Workers

Carletta Joy Walker is founder and co-chair of Joy Works Everywhere!, Inc., Angela Wearing, Daisy Black, Gladys Mejia and Debra Jones sit on the Board of Directors. Kim Goodman Wahab and Robert Roth are supporters in this current phase of development. There are many names and energies that are part of Joy Works Everywhere!, Inc. They will become visible on this web site as we design and evolve it. Many thanks and blessings to us.

Staff: Carletta Joy Walker, Executive Director

Our poet-executive director, is a journalist, radio producer, as well as social theorist and program designer; educator-student and facilitator using her media and work in public to encourage communication, cooperation and reverence for life.

Our Vision

Belief - Practice - Policy

Our vision focuses upon the solution in the problems. We employ a holistic approach, the recognition and integration of mind/intellect working in concert with the body/physical self working in concert with the soul/spirit/heart. Joy Works proceeds in this practice of holism in all facets of living, teaching and working with individuals and institutions.

Our Work


Our services include workshops, presentations, seminars and meditations. We work with small groups, schools, colleges, social service organizations, corporations and individuals.