Imagine This Is Real–This Is Real!

I ask that we live peace so justly, so actively, so effectively that it will be seen for the vibrant, exciting, life affirming, productive social political force that it is. Let us expose powerlessness, fear, and the contorted conditions that violence and brutality arise from. Let us recognize the illusion that violence and brutality provides for any lasting change; see the futility in them as solution to social political disharmony and injustice. I ask that we become the all-powerful Deities and enlightened being we conjure and instantaneously drop our body armor, vaporize our weapons and laugh as we are tickled by the harmless joy infusing our beings.

Celebrate the joys—little daily ones and ginormous whenever ones. I ask that we sprout communities that ring true to the meaning of the word—let us join together in living, being, sharing and creating joy in life.  Let us acknowledge and release without shame or hesitation any and all hurt and harm. Let us stop hurting and harming, harming and hurting instantly, instantly, instantly until we have stopped hurting and harming. Let us be available and present in our lives and the lives of the people and other beings we share living with.

Let us dream peace, tumble across vibrant meadows, parade down tarmac streets embroiled in raucous laughter and genuine joy as we revel in appreciation of each other’s sacred life. Let us evolve stories, myths, fairy tales of music and dance festivities filled with colorful food and replenishing liquids. Stories having the gravitas of long forgotten warrior tales…once many years ago weapons of mass (and mini) destruction were dissolved in pools of love, feats of useful engineering, and ecological inventiveness. With abundant delight, earth, the oceans, the forests, the deserts and inhabitants forgave and forgot human caused mistakes and devastations. They gave us plenty in celebration abundance.

Let us nurture ease and embrace sorrow for as long as is needed. We can wash pain with salt water tears knowing earthquake, lightning or death from passing storm is without malice, fear or envy. Imagine the possibility of abundant ease and joy in joy and in sadness; imagine ease and joy. Imagine reflections of love, joy and welcome from every direction holding together community, openhearted community. Imagine this is real; this is real.