The mission of Joy Works Everywhere! is to be the stillness making a difference in our lives, allowing us to see the support we need and have to nourish our health and wealth, and/or to heal our bodies, our hearts our minds. Giving us the gift of peaceful living and recognition of eternal spirit. Joy Works contains our laughter, tranquility and tears, our warm tingliness, our anger, our fears. It allows us the clarity of forgiveness to learn and receive our lessons and to connect with ourselves and with others.

TwentyFirst Century Work & CoEcoSoSpex

Complements of Joy Works are TwentyFirst Century Work a service provider to the business community in the field of holistic workshop training with an emphasis on stress reduction and harmonious communication. CoEcoSoSpex has as its goal cooperative economic social spatial existence. To this end it fosters economic coalition and collaboration through social cultural projects.