Let Us Give Peace A Chance – 2024

Thanks to us participating in the Peace & Joy—many believe that Peace can’t face down tyrants, aggressors, and madmen. Peace can!

A peace that refuses to live and thrive off the manufacture and selling of weapons will begin the end of war. A conscious journey toward disarmament and the weaning of the United States’ economy off its dependency on arms manufacturing can lead the way. We can begin to transform the killing machines into technological wonders of wind, water, fire and earth power. We can energize our transportation, food production, house production and our ability to be artistic. We can take all that we’ve learned, regard the destructive and ruinous aspect of our development and let go attachment to behaviors we exhibited when we didn’t fully understand our human ability to create things causing vicious horror and hardship.

Let us give peace a chance—let us face the tyrant, aggressor and mad person that dwells within—let us transform us and heal our projections. Let us amaze and delight ourselves with the ease with which we face and embrace our fears armed only with our naked courage. Joy and Peace Work Everywhere!

Thanks to Us.