See Peace Be Peace Build Peace Every Day

You my peace, your smile satisfaction reflecting eyes, eyes in peace. Deep satisfaction in the belly of life, a satisfaction to quell hunger, eat rage, big peace with joy nucleus. Peace walk the mine fields defusing disaster, peace gather limbs blown away.

Powerful calm peace walk into death to listen to the destroyed—returns with truth. No vengeance, hear peace, no vengeance. Peace carrying arms fingers and toes, walking with death into death listening to the sent, those blown into death. Peace walks with a message, the message is no vengeance, there is no vengeance not bowing down to itself, living, rotting for itself, its silence exploding perpetual motion destruction.

Peace teaches it stops here. Peace teaches it stops here. Every “it” of violent clash stops, opens its mouth and gives voice to the blood shed, and begins the journey ending in peace. Big peace walking into munitions factories eating bombs, bullets and lies, big bad peace strut and prance chewing bombs with spikes, bombs with clubs, bombs with bombs; chewing bullets, flat nosed and pointed, ripping bullets and shredding bullets; eating guns and rifles, rapid fire and slow; eating grenades and jagged edged knives. Big Peace with Joy in the nucleus laughs carrying peace children, siring and birthing peace children.

Peace is smile’s satisfaction.

*excerpt from “Peace Building: A Manual for Living Peacefully Every Day”