PEACE BUILDING: A Manual For Living Peacefully Every Day: Learning Conciliation

By Carletta Joy Walker


Peace Building, paperback, 81 pages, $22.00, published December 20th 2017: Essays, Poems, Dharma Talks, Charts and Art all imagining and describing the joy and beauty, the beautiful possibilities in building peaceful hearts, homes, communities, cities, nations. This collection of writing and art challenges, invites rage and violence to become peace and joy; words interspersed with colorful art pieces proclaiming the fun and exciting possibilities of peace. A bold call to see the peace within us and build a world without war or need for war.




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Peace & Joy Conference

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Sit Alone Now In Trust Yield—Weekly Meditation on Peace
By Carletta Joy Walker

Joy Works Journey
In the early nineties during a meditative period, I drew a picture that for me represented the consensus/synthesis of many of the religions existing in the world. Ankhs and crosses, animal totems, stars, moons and holy sites were included as well as figures and shapes coming from what I think of as some collective unconscious that meditative practices allow me to sit inside. The drawing was exquisite, certainly something I wanted to keep, take pride in in an ego way. Simultaneous to my attachment feeling came the very clear message that I should burn this picture. I knew resistance was futile so this time I didn?t even try too much to reason my way out of it. I burned this precious and beautiful picture over the altar where I?d gathered the spiritual oneness to be able to draw it.

Later, as often happens with my meditative practices and explorations, I found a religious/spiritual precedent for the action. Burning an image or icon is part of bringing the image, the representation to fruition. This burning ritual marked the solidifying from the ethereal to the real Joy Works Urban Heart Center, which became Joy Works Everywhere! Inc.

JOY is an important spiritual concept. Joy is my middle name, given to me by my grandmother as, I like to think, a gift to carry me through ?til I could walk, soar on my own. She done well by me, and I have shared that Joy name vibration with two godsons and my sister gave it to my youngest niece. Joy is life elixir and barometer; when it flows smooth, starts to be steady in the face of sadness or pleasure on through the range of human emotion we begin to know stillness, glimpse oneness. Joy Works Everywhere!, Inc works for this JOY. We live mindbodyspirit wholeness/perfection. This mindbodyspirit labyrinth includes the politic of life and the intellect needs and understanding, the spiritual/religious/soul need, the physical body & body needs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Joy Works Everywhere! Inc. begins in the city. Most people can be peaceful, relaxed and minimally stressed in situations where their basic needs are provided for ? housing, meals, health, recreation, whether it?s on vacation, in a workshop/retreat, in rehab and sometimes (shameful truth) even in prison. Joy Works has as its mission to create peace wherever we stand, to be the stillness making a difference in our lives, allowing us to see the support we need and have to nourish our health and wealth, and/or to heal our bodies, our hearts our minds. We begin in the heart of our urban center. We give us the gift of peaceful living and recognition of eternal spirit. We serve our mission; recognize our connections and interdependence.

In Relationships with ourselves and with our environment we learn and practice coexistence. We must universally learn and apply cooperation; difference resolved through battle keeps us in a fear dance with annihilation. We are challenged to respect and share our earth. In our urban community with it multifaceted and multilingual communications, trust, acknowledging and negotiating interdependence, is vital ingredient.

In our urban communities communication occurs with our neighbors, our storekeepers and those we serve and those servicing us operating the various utilities and businesses. We work and sometimes live amid racial, sexual, gender, age and economic differences.

In urban areas, we share activities of daily living in close, often very close, proximity. We work, play, study, eat (argue, be sick & die) side by side; the boundaries sometimes are no more than a function of our social manners and politeness.

In the United States emotional stress and tension, nutritional imbalance, spiritual disjointedness, economic disparities continue. This can, and frequently does result in physical/emotional illness as well as injury from violent conflicts. Our approaches use medicines, transplants, and other techniques to control sickness; security, surveillance and prisons to control people. It is effective in delaying and managing symptoms. This is at a tremendous monetary cost and diminishes the quality of life for all, albeit to different degrees.

Those in the urban area are like the canaries sent into the coal mine, not more sensitive to the poisonous stress, just often getting larger and more frequent doses. Joy Works Everywhere! Inc. has initiated itself in the "urban" at the heart of stress, joining like-minded and like acting to transform the stress and illness paradigm spread Joy & Peace.

Join Us, Help Take Care Our Joy

Monday, February 04, 2008

mind body spirit centered


Having A Foundation For Our Everyday Living In My
HEART Is my solid dwelling place. I carletta joy walker Live
As a Bright STAR among other brilliantly glowing STARS
we Create the WORLD we Live in with our Thoughts, our
Work and Ideas, having and allowing Laughter, tears,
Angers & fears.

We can make peace active and personal, share ways of replacing punishing and distrustful approaches to life differences, errors and changes with ones based on trust, mutual respect and understanding. We can manifest lasting peace inside abundant joy. We can look into the eyes of our neighbors in our homes, towns, cities, countries and world with curiosity, acceptance and integrity. There is no departure where there is no departure from loving gaze. We haven't all had this welcoming gaze so we begin where we are. We are here.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

My work my practice is to monitor the
Tight that feeds the fear that blossoms
Bitter that wants to hate and then destroy

Destroy the house that George & Tom & John
Quincy built (with their wives & lovers) on
Land Cherokee, Ute, Blackfoot, Seminole
Lived & roamed along with a whole lot of
Squirrels, buffalo, panthers, eagles,
Rabbits and bears

Destroy the house that great great grands
Worked, leaving sweat & toil, trees &
Plants & houses and Me

Dharma truth: there is no hate ? tempers?
Tantrum and truth depredation leave me
Weak with wanting

Dear Students Learning,

This letter is to Appreciate you for being you and to Encourage you in having or finding and letting your dreams and purpose in life come true.

Everyday just waking up and beginning my day in a way that I can start off happy and peaceful is a big thing. So for you I hope that when you wake-up there is no angry yelling at you or around you. I offer you a BIG long loving good morning! that will last until the next one.

Learning is going on ALL the time. I hope you are learning that this world, our world is a loving, supportive, abundant and interesting place. I know you know there is sadness and joy: tears and laughter. I hope you have, are allowed to express and be okay with both.

Part of my vision is that you have as many people as possible but at least one that is excited about all you are learning and is willing to listen to what you are seeing and feeling and tasting and touching and smelling and then is willing to hear what you think about your experience, expressed by you in one word or in a 1000 words.

Math± and music, science and stars, having awe at history, herstory and ourstory; art, bugs and biology with pens and computers, ideas and debate, physical exhilaration and laughter calling out strength and wit, communication and caring. This is what I wish for you, what I offer you with much joy, peace & love.

Carletta Joy Walker - Executive Director/poet JOY WORKS EVERYWHERE! Inc.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Greetings for the New Year; may we all be peaceful, well and happy as we begin the year 2007 of what we use in our world business as a common era date. May we all grow in the courage necessary to build a world that we consciously and deliberately share.

Thank you for sharing in the meditations on peace, by reading them, thinking about them and/or writing your meditations on peace. Joy Works Everywhere! Inc appreciates your being part of the Joy, of taking care of the Joy. Thank you for participating in the first Peace & Joy Conference and joining us as we nurture and grow peace. Thanks to us Joy Workers for supporting and nurturing the vision, realizing the goals. We need more help as we embark on these next steps.

January 2007 begins the Joy Works Everywhere! Building campaign. Our goal is to open a fully operational premier facility, an urban center for holistic living and institute for learning and teaching peaceful & joyful coexistence.

The Economist magazine in a review of a new book on nonviolence wrote that many people regard nonviolence as "sanctimonious drivel dressed up as political philosophy." The belief is that Peace can?t face down tyrants, aggressors and madmen.

Peace can! A peace that refuses to live and thrive off the manufacture and selling of weapons will begin the end of war. A conscious journey toward disarmament and the weaning of the United States economy off its dependency on arms manufacturing can lead the way. We can begin to transform the killing machines into technological wonders of wind, water, fire and earth power. We can energize our transportation, food production, house production and our ability to be artistic. We can take all that we?ve learned, regard the destructive and ruinous aspect of our development and let go attachment to behaviors we exhibited when we didn?t fully understand our human ability to create things causing vicious horror and hardship.

Let us give peace a chance; let us face the tyrant, aggressor and mad person that dwell within; let us transform us and heal our projections. Let us amaze and delight ourselves with the ease with which we face and embrace our fears armed only with our naked courage. Let us do this together. Joy and Peace work Everywhere.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Peace play. A pawn made from pine, mahogany, ebony, soapstone, onyx, crystal, metal bolts, plastic carefully thought about, carved, whittled sanded shaped 16 times, then 16 times again. This time it's a pair of queens, kings, horse-knights, bishops and rooks made in opposing shades, ready to play out the complexity of battle and strategy living in a human mind.

This devastation or barely won struggle is bloodless, the tipped king loses no head or limbs, peace play rough and tumble end in loss or win or draw, all live to play another day.

Convert the urge to make war, convert the war. Subvert hate, play peace; craft peace out of wood and courage, wit and marble; play in groups of couples, shake hands, hug, bow, ponder after all games. Share the story of your game. Eventually, sooner-or-later, have a meal, share a meal as carefully crafted as the chess set and full of the love and laughter of peace play.